Unusual Wedding Dresses

Would you rather a pink, sequined princess dress or a cream short vintage number? Break tradition with an unusual wedding dress.

The venue is booked, the hen party bags are made and the cake is designed but what about the dress? You still don’t have a dress!

Every woman wants to feel beautiful on their big day but not everyone will want to wear the traditional white long dress. Unusual wedding dresses are becoming popular across the UK as weddings become more than just a religious ceremony but the coming together of two unique individuals. The weird and wonderful have graced the aisle from dresses made of plastic bottles and profiteroles to balloon gowns and edible dresses.

The weird is wonderful so why not go for something a little unusual when picking a wedding outfit?!

Unusual wedding dresses are becoming more popular

Unusual wedding dresses are becoming more popular


Adding colour to your wedding gown is a great way of putting a modern twist on a traditional cut and style. Channel your favourite celebrity style and go for a pink dip dye effect like Gwen Stefani’s Galliano gown, pick purple like Dita Von Teese’s Vivien Westwood wedding dress or go gothic with a black dress like Avril Lavigne’s Monique Lhullier number for her marriage to Nickleback’s Chad Kroeger.

There are no rules that say you have to wear a white or ivory dress so challenge convention and go colourful!

Big is Beautiful

If you’ve seen My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding then you know how large a princess gown can get. Drenched in diamonds and more glittery than a disco ball, princess dresses can have up to 24 petticoats to create that iconic ball gown shape and can weigh more than the bride herself!

We wouldn’t recommend you go too big as you won’t be able to fit down the aisle (or get in the wedding car) but a puffed up skirt can make your waist look tiny and create wedding photos like something out of a fairy tale.


Short wedding dresses are youthful and look great in outdoor spring or summer weddings, but be careful not to go too young as you may look like you’re going to prom not your wedding! Many vintage dresses are ankle or calf length and look effortlessly chic next to a classic car in wedding photos.

If you would rather wear a long gown for the formal ceremony but a short dress for the evening reception party then you may opt for two separate dresses. If this isn’t in the budget then why not purchase a dress with a removable train? This will give you two dresses in one.


Everyone loves a good themed party but in general themed weddings are frowned upon and branded as tacky. Done tastefully, a themed wedding can show the couple’s personalities and bring a world of imagination to life.

A blue ribbon in your hair and quaint crockery table settings can bring Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter’s tea party to your celebration. Alternatively, if your fiancé loves old gangster movies then why not purchase a flapper dress and feather bower and bring back the roaring twenties?

Suit up!

Who says you have to wear a dress? If you don’t want to get your legs out or you’re simply not a fan of dresses then why not get married in a white or cream suit?

A well-fitted tailored suit can be stylishly androgynous; but don’t forget to coordinate it with your partner’s outfit! A suit will give you a clear cut silhouette making you look cool and allowing you to move comfortably.

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