Things To Do in Norfolk for Grown-Ups

Norwich Cathedral

Norwich Cathedral was built using special limestone transported from Caen. Image

Stunning coastline, charming small towns and some of England’s finest waterways all make Norfolk a wonderful destination. This lovely county in eastern England is a favourite of domestic holidaymakers and international travellers alike.

Are you planning a trip to Norfolk? From interesting museums to beautiful country estates, we’ve listed the 10 best things for grown-ups to do during hotel breaks in Norfolk.

1.Visit the Bridewell Museum

This charming museum tells the fascinating history of Norwich and the people that have inhabited it. Reopened in 2012 after a £1.5 million renovation, the Bridewell Museum is an interesting highlight for visitors to the city of Norwich.

From archival films showcasing what life in the city was like during its early history to a completely rebuilt 1950s living room, the Bridewell Museum offers a wonderful look into the life of Norwich’s residents during several periods of English history.

2. Explore Holkham National Nature Reserve

Norfolk is home to England’s largest National Nature Reserve – the scenic Holkham National Nature Reserve on the Norfolk coast. The reserve attracts 100,000 people per year interested in everything from bird watching to scenic walks.

Home to pink-footed geese, Holkham National Nature Reserve is one of England’s most popular bird watching destinations. During winter, the coastal walk offers a fantastic view of the beach’s unique driftwood and stone formations.

3. Ride the North Norfolk Railway

Ride one of the UK’s best preserved steam railways. The North Norfolk Railway is a stunning 10.5-mile steam railway built in 1887. Today, the railway is home to steam locomotives dating back as far as 1912.

Stop at historic stations as you travel through the beautiful Norfolk countryside. The North Norfolk Railway operates year-round, transporting visitors through some of the most breathtakingly beautiful scenery in the East of England.

4. Visit the stunning Blickling Estate

Just a few minutes drive from Norfolk’s famous coastline, Blickling Estate is a grand Jacobean house surrounded by some of the prettiest gardens in the East of England.

Open to the public, the Blickling Estate is one of Norfolk’s top attractions. From the narrow hedges to the amazing red brick buildings, the estate is has changed little in the almost 400 years since it was built.

Learn about the estate’s interesting history, from its role as an RAF housing base to its period as the residence of the Marquess of Lothian, as you explore the charming buildings that make up Blickling Estate.

5. Discover the RAF Air Defence Radar Museum

Learn about the air defences used by the Royal Air Force during the Second World War and the Cold War at the RAF Air Defence Radar Museum in Neatishead. Built in 1941, this Norfolk-based radar station was one of the most important intelligence centres of the Second World War.

The RAF Air Defence Radar Museum is entirely volunteer operated and is only open on certain dates. Despite the limited visiting hours, it’s undoubtedly one of Norfolk’s most interesting and unique military-related attractions.

6. Appreciate beautiful Norwich Cathedral

Built more than 900 years ago, Norwich Cathedral forms an impressive part of the city’s skyline. Dedicated to the Holy and Undivided Trinity, the cathedral was built from 1096 to 1145 using cream-coloured limestone shipped all the way from Caen.

Known for its immense architectural beauty, the cathedral’s nave is a stunningly beautiful sight. Walk through the cloisters or explore the grounds as you soak in the undeniably impressive architecture.

7. Walk down Gorleston Beach

A combination of natural beauty and fantastic fish and chips make Gorleston Beach a wonderful place for a walk. If you’re visiting Norfolk during the summer, make sure you stop by the charming beachfront promenade for a short stroll.

Whether you end it with a coffee or a delicious fish and chips dinner, there’s nothing as relaxing as a walk down Gorlestone Beach. From April until September, dogs are not permitted on the beach in order to increase accessibility for walkers.

8. Visit the amazing Sandringham House

Visit the country retreat of the British Royal Family. Occupied since 1991, this lovely country estate has been open to the public since 1977 and offers a spectacular look at royal life dating from the Elizabethan era until today.

Walk through the house’s beautiful grounds and visualise the menagerie of dogs and horses owned by Queen Alexandra wandering the grounds. York Cottage, a favourite of George V built in 1893, is also situated on the estate’s grounds.

9. Enjoy a wonderful game of golf

Norfolk’s beautiful coastal scenery has made it one of East Anglia’s most famous golf destinations. Home to several clubs, Norfolk is a great destination for golfers. During the summer months, the lovely coastal breezes and consistently warm weather (by some measures, the warmest in the UK) make it a great place for a game.

Popular local courses include Eaton Golf Club, which is located just outside Norwich, and the Sprowston Manor Golf and Country Club, which in 2004 hosted the EuroPro golf tournament.

10. Visit the Plantation Garden

This somewhat unknown garden is located very close to Norfolk’s Roman Catholic Cathedral. The Plantation Garden was developed during the Victorian era by local businessman Henry Trevor, who sought to create a stunning natural environment on the site of what was once a derelict and neglected quarry.

Today, the garden has grown into one of the most impressive in Norfolk. Known for its monthly Sunday teas and jazz evenings, the Plantation Garden has grown into a local landmark and meeting place, attracting locals and tourists alike thanks to its immense natural beauty and relaxing atmosphere.

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