Why should you take walking holidays!

I always smile to myself a little when I think about people that drive over to a gym to look for a parking spot to pay to wait for a space on a treadmill for a 30 minute walk… to me this seems like more hard work than enjoyment. In my mind getting outside in the great outdoors and breathing in fresh air and taking in the scenery all for free is much more enjoyable. If like me you enjoy the great outdoors, there are many reasons for walking holidays!

Walking Breaks

Walking Holidays










1. Walking costs nothing

After saving to go away for a break by getting out for a walk during the day costs you nothing but some time and maybe a little rubber of the soles of your shoes! Not only that but it allows you some more spending money to spoil yourself if you get to go out shopping during your stay.

walking holidays

Shopping is always good during walking holidays








2. What better way to enjoy the weather

England is renowned for its eclectic weather and is there a better way to enjoy it than with some walking holidays? Naturally in summer it is great to get out and enjoy the sun but for me winter walks with your gloves and scarf are just as nice, also crisp autumn walks in the fresh air or Rainy spring walks are great for invigorating the senses.

Walking holidays

An Autumn stroll








3. Walking holidays can be great for your health

The health benefits of walking are widely documented but walking is really good for you, even a short walk a day improves digestion and levels blood sugar. If you suffer from back pain a brisk 40 minute walk can reduce pain. While a holiday is good for relieving stress, studies show walking can help improve memory and even help stave off the progress of Alzheimer’s disease and help to strengthen bones not to mention boost Vitamin D! Looking to lose weight? Walking holidays could be the solution, put on a pedometer and stroll along the beach, through a field or even up a mountain.

walking holidays

A great way to unwind








4. Walking is the best way for Exploring

When you’re driving around you don’t tend to notice much of your surroundings which can mean you miss out on a lot but walking holidays offer you the opportunity to explore your local areas and admire the scenery.

walking holidays

A great way to explore











5. Quality time with loved ones, friends, your thoughts or a good album

Walking stimulates conversation, you have no clocks and no distractions. Don’t come back until you’ve run out of things to say. A walk is a good excuse to listen to a great album or a talking book is a great way to pass the hours.

walking holidays

Walking gives you some quality time









6. No time constraints

One of the great things about walking is it can be done any time, after a hearty breakfast slip on your boots and head out for the day (stopping for an ice cream or cup of tea should be on the list too) or before or after dinner take an evening stroll and the best thing about it is you don’t always know where it will take you or what you could see along the way.

walking holidays

Great for free time








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