Name our restaurant and WIN!

Looking up at The Imperial from the beach

Looking up at The Imperial from the beach

We’d like you to come up with a new name for the restaurant at The Imperial Hotel in Tenby (Wales). Currently called “The Cliff Hanger”, the restaurant has stunning views across the beach and sea to St Catherine’s Fort. On a clear day you can see the coast of North Devon.

The winner will win a Two-Night Weekend Break for two at anyone of our hotels, including Dinner, Bed and Breakfast. The prize excludes, Easter, Bank Holidays, Christmas and New Year Breaks and must be taken by the end of 2013.

How To Enter

To enter simply post your suggested name below, don’t forget to enter your name and email address so we can contact you if you are the luckily winner.  Closing date: midnight on 24th March 2013.
Here are a few photos from the restaurant to inspire you…

The Restaurant

The Restaurant

The Restaurant

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  • I was thinking “Over The Edge”.

  • Name for your Restaurant:

    The fortress Restaurant.

  • Names for your Restaurant:

    Arches by the Cliff

  • island view

  • “The View” or in Spanish “La Vista”
    “The Waterfront”
    Depends on the style of cuisine intending to be served

  • Thanks for all the suggestions, keep them coming as we won’t be choosing a winner until 24th March.

  • The Sea View

  • see food

  • I think ‘Vista’ is a good name for your restaurant

  • Wavicles

  • Restraunt Name : The Perfect View

  • The Big Wave Restraunt

  • Baywatch

  • the tsunami beach

  • i would call it seaclusion

  • i would call it The rockhopper


  • The Ocean View.

  • Room with a view

  • St Catherines view

  • The Sands.

  • It looks so lovely… I love seeing that hotel as you are driving along the road…

  • The Tidal Wave

  • The name i think for the restaurant and it does look fab with its unique sea views would be ( cliff edge )

  • SSS’ taurant
    then strap line/USP,
    Scenery, Sophistication, Service

  • Bright smart vewis n módem restrant with a touch of yellow rose to make it bloom


  • The Imperial Fortress.

  • I think the DRIFTWOOD would be nice

  • I would name this beautiful hotel Paradise Retreat.


  • I would call it “on the edge” – it could refer to the type of food or its location

  • ‘On the Knifes Edge’

  • The View!

  • Wow, a lot of great suggestions coming in. Keep them coming!

  • my suggestion
    Far Horizons

  • The Pinnacle

  • The Belvedere

  • Edge of Infinity

  • Welcome to the Seabreeze restaurant

  • The Sea Garden

  • ” shear delights “

  • I think ” Vistas”.

  • A very simple but well meaning name..Inspired by what you see….


  • The Dinbych

  • Viewpoint

  • My suggestions for a new name are : ‘ON THE ROCKS’ because the restaurant literally is built on the rocks…..or……’THE WATERS EDGE’ because of its position in relation to the water.

  • Dinas (old Welsh for Fort – I hope)

  • The Charm

  • Sea Rhes (Terrace)

  • I think it should be called The Views restaurant

  • Restaurant name? How about New Wave?

  • “Life on the Edge”

  • How about “The Cliff Sea View”

  • Tides Reach

  • Far Horizons

  • Making Waves or Breaking Waves or just Breakers

  • Capital View Hotel

  • Capital View Restaurant

  • Cordelia’s – I think Cordelia means “jewel from the sea” or something similar in Welsh

  • Clogwyn Gaer

    It means ‘Cliff fortess’ and would mean a lot to the locals and bring in tourists looking to experience the Welsh Tenby :-)

    • sorry – fortress lol

  • Seeing as how the Imperial Hotel has such a grand name its restaurant’s title needs to follow suit, therefore I name it: THE PARAGON.
    Paragon meaning: ‘a model of excellence’ !

    Thanks for the competition.

  • “Imperial View”

  • Th’edge
    The viewing platform
    The Lookout
    Sheer perfection

  • Pembroke’s

  • I’d call the restaurant


    For 2 reasons:-

    1) Its a word that is already associated with Imperial…ie Mint Imperial
    2) Its also a word used for things that are very good – ie that is Mint, which your restaurant is!


  • The Seaglass


  • The Outlook or
    Fresh Outlook (refers to the fresh food, fresh breeze, new view on life)

  • Dreamers …the perfect place to relax and be inspired by view , company and food

  • Taking the Imperial Theme. It’s restaurant should be equally grand so call it


  • Tide’s reach Tideline or Atlantic Reach


  • It’s going to be very hard to pick a winner with all these great suggestions!

  • I would name it ‘Coast’ as it describes the view and also that people can relax and enjoy themselves

    The other choice would be ‘Catherine’s’ as the restaurant overlooks St Catherine’s Fort and Island

  • Go Fish!

  • The Vision.

  • “Tonnau” – the Welsh word for the waves. I know and love this hotel at Tenby. Has the best position on the cliff as the waves pound below.

  • My name for it would be:

    The Fortitude Restaurant

  • I’d call it the..


  • the wave

  • Cloud Nine

  • Fort View

  • Smugglers

  • From freshest seafood from the local fishing fleet to succulent steaks from local Pembrokeshire farms, it says and “seas” it all!

  • I would call it The Atlantic Wave – it does look superb btw

  • i think Horizons would be a good name

  • Not long now to enter, remember closing date is 24th March.

  • Tidewatchers

  • Cariad Coffi

  • The Imperial View – shortened would be The IView

  • “Sea-nsation”


  • Sundowner restaurant

  • I would call it @The Rock

  • I think Horizon…

  • Dine@ The Waves

  • Panorama

  • The Observatory or Observation Lounge…

  • Skyfall

  • I was going to say imperial view but someone has already suggested it so how about imperial cuisine or imperial heights. Gorgeous restaurant by the way

  • How about The Beachcomber restaurant

  • The Crow’s Nest

  • The Sea Horse Resturant

  • The Palace Hotel

  • The Beachcomber

  • Catherine’s

  • Clogwyn Restaurant (Welsh for Cliff)

  • how about


    Welsh for sea (Mor) and play on words for the food you serve :)

  • how about

  • “SHELLS”


  • I think ‘Searena’ says it all.

    The word brings to mind an image of a beautiful elite sea goddess, who dwells in a warm serene realm adorned by this breathtakingly beautiful arena of scenic sea views.

  • Devon View


  • Stunning venue needs a name to reflect that – ‘STONECUTTERS ISLAND’

  • I would name your restaurant – THE INFINITY
    ‘cos you can see as far as Infinity and beyond

  • overlooks the sea and you get lobsters in the sea

  • Thank you to everyone who has entered, the competition is now closed and we are in the process of choosing a winner and will let you know on here shortly.

  • Congratulations to Rachel Dann who suggested “The View”, which is to be the new name of the restaurant. Rachel wins a two night break for two, we hope you enjoy it!

  • gosh, what an inspiring name…

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