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One of the most fascinating subjects about our hotels is their history. With numerous hotels around the UK, they all have a unique history and a story to be told. What we would like to do is create a web page for each hotel detailing the hotels history since it was built.

Hotel History - Lansdown Grove Bath

Hotel History – Lansdown Grove Bath

They say a picture tells a thousand words and over the last few months I have been collecting postcards and others bits of literature about our hotels. Take for example The Lansdown Grove Hotel in Bath. The image shown in this post describes the hotel in detail with its elevation of 400 feet and sheltered from north and east winds not to mention the tennis lawns.

Today we describe the hotel a lot differently as a Grade II listed building it is one of the oldest in the city. Its classic high ceilings and intricate plasterwork blend old-world elegance with modern amenities.

A while back we wrote a blog post about The Windermere Hotel and the Riggs family, (you can read more by clicking here), and it was great to see a number of people got in touch with me and I was even sent a photocopy of a bill from 1864 when Richard Riggs was running the hotel, which was very interesting.

Can you help us?

We would love to know more history about our hotels from before we took them over so can you help us? Do you have any information about our hotels that you can share with us, have you been sent a postcard from one of our hotels, or do you have some postcards with our hotels on that you would be willing to share with us? You can get in touch with us via a number of methods, you can either post a comment on this blog post or email us at blog@coastandcountryhotels.com, we would love you hear from you.

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